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GodEngine Technology Inc. values its relationship with its business partners. We welcome you to join our partners program created to help you make the most of our partnership. We appreciate your interest in GodEngine Technology,Inc. Please refer to the programs below for partner opportunities.


This program provides a service designed to meet the unique requirements of consultants and system integrators who develop,
Communication of the network and set up Skype Gateway exchange system to PBX for their customers. GodEngine Technology Inc. works closely with its partners to customize products and helps them meet the needs of their customers.

Hardware Manufacturers

communication of the network and more Skype Gateway are coming to the market. It has become a very competitive product. With Skype, the product will become easy to use, attract potential sales. It has been clear that sales of hardware are not only based on the hardware itself, but also on the software that it accompanied. This partnership provides the opportunity for co-branding or private label options. GodEngine Technology Inc. offers competitive prices to its partners, and looks forward to having the chance of cooperating with you.


This program is offered to organizations worldwide that are interested in selling GodEngine software to end-user customers. Competitive commission is provided to eligible resellers. For more information, please fill out the Contact Form.

If you are interested in becoming our partner, please fill out the Contact Form.


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