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Skype公司致力於為用戶創造最好的應用體驗,3/1 起將不再支援 Skype for Windows 及 MAC 較舊版本

                                                                                                                                                             文/神擎科技  研發部   2017-02-06

 Skype 一直致力於提供用戶更好、更穩定的使用體驗,不斷推出各項服務如 Skype翻譯、群組通話、群組視訊等便利服務,讓用戶能透過更多 Skype 應用與親朋好友隨時保持聯繫。
- Windows桌面版 Skype 7.16含以下版本
- Mac 版7.0-7.18版本


The Skype you love is getting better – Download it for free today

At Skype, we’re committed to creating the best possible app experience for our users. This is why we’ve been focusing our efforts on transitioning Skype from peer-to-peer to a modern, mobile-friendly cloud architecture.

As an important part of this transition, we’ve created some awesome new features and improvements, including:

Improved quality and better performance:
  • Redesigned infrastructure, meaning a better, more consistent user experience
  • Built to be faster, more lightweight and more responsive than ever
More ways to stay in touch:
  • Mobile group video calling
  • Group video messaging
  • Video message saving
  • Cloud file sharing (up to 300 MB)

Take advantage of the free update today. Your account information will automatically and securely sync to the latest update, including your password, contacts and even your conversation history. To put it simply, you’re just one download away from discovering new ways to connect to the people you care about most.

Because we want to provide our users with the best possible Skype experience, necessary changes must be made along the way. So, beginning March 1, users running older versions of Skype for Windows desktop (7.16 and below) or Skype for Mac (7.0 to 7.18) will no longer be able to sign in. If you’re one of those users, all you’ll need to do is download the new update. For more information on which devices and operating systems Skype currently supports, please check our support site.

It goes without saying, but we cannot wait for you to get your hands on the latest version of Skype and let us know what you think. We’ve poured our energy and passion into creating something truly special, and this is just the beginning.





你喜歡的Skype越來越好 - 今天免費下載



• 重新設計的基礎架構,意味著更好,更一致的用戶體驗
• 內置速度更快,更輕巧,響應更快

• 行動群組視頻呼叫
• 視頻群組消息傳遞
• 視頻信息保存
• 文件共享(最多300 MB)


因為我們希望為用戶提供最佳的Skype體驗,必須隨時進行必要的更改。因此,從3月1日開始,運行舊版Skype for Windows桌面(7.16及更低版本)或Skype for Mac(7.0到7.18)的用戶將無法再登錄。如果您是這些用戶之一, ll需要做的是下載新的更新。有關Skype當前支持的設備和操作系統的更多信息,請查看我們的支持網站。







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