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  Product introduction

    Main Features

    Connect construction
    System Requirements
    Product Specification
    MIS WEB Control Table 
    User WEB Control Table


SkyGE - 400SV    

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USER Manual
SkypeOut Rates

SkyGE-400SV using Web 2.0 technology, you can login using 4 Skype accounts
Possess 4 FXS port to phone or PBX.。you can set the country code, area code.
Support stacking: Extend more ports. Up to 4 SkyGE-400SV can be stacked and can be expanded to 16 ports (Skype account).
Network bandwidth: (30 ~ 100) Kbps × 4


    Four innovation applications

1. global multi-spot free communication network
Speaking of many enterprises, transnational as well as established the multi-spot Branch office already was the very universal condition, if installed SkyGE-400S system in each Branch office to construct the multi-spot free communication network, that company interior transnational multi-spot communication fee was completely free.

2. Remote motion office
SkyGE-400S system lets the staff who goes out, in home work (SOHO), the satellite office's staff may penetrate the Skype connection to the company telephone system, thus large reduced the cost.

3. free homepage 0800 guests take the system
SkyGE-400S system can let the company website and the telephone system is connected, all customers by the website in” Skype me” the button, can relate the sale, the guest to take and the technical backstopping department directly.

4. Skype special line
SkyGE-400S system and company's switchboard conformity, the staff takes up the extension telephone to be possible to dial the cheap SkypeOut long-distance telephone call, the international call perhaps the handset number. SkypeOut can  help you to save reaches as high as 90% phone bills compared to the common telephone.

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    Main Fuctions

Ultra analyzes the acoustic fidelity clear

The SkyGE-400S system pronunciation telephone conversation effect all similar products is friends with, even has a better compatibility compared to the traditional telephone pronunciation which saw compared to you. With the technical expression, the traditional telephone you can hear is only situated between 300Hz to the 3000Hz frequency pronunciation. Skype may hear all frequencies the pronunciation, from lowest Shen to most incisive.


Secret telephony, telephone conversation encryption

SkyGE-400S system before pronunciation transmission carries on the encryption, in receives time carries on the decipher, will not be intercepted in the midway. Uses the encryption calculating method and The US government uses for to protect the secret restricted data security the calculating method to be the same. Has used 256 element (bit) encryption, this encryption altogether has 1.1 x 1077 kind of possibility Key, may dynamic each call and the immediate news encryption. Skype uses 1536 and 2048 RSA produces the symmetrical AES key. User's public key (public keys) the time which registers in the user in the Skype server carries on the confirmation.


The whole world can use in common toll free number

SkyGE-400S system has provided the global search table of contents, you may act according to the friend who the different inquiry condition inquires you to know, or did not know, and, may start the pronunciation telephone conversation immediately which carries on opens access, lets your communication not have the barrier, the efficiency is higher.


Penetrates the firewall

SkyGE-400S system using Skype communication software's auxiliary, may with all firewalls, NAT and the router uses together, and does not need to carry on any disposition! Uses in you other similar products cannot connect normally, Skype usually may, for example the pronunciation telephone conversation and so on.


Dials the fixed telephone (SkypeOut、SkypeIn)

SkyGE-400S system may use SkypeOut to realize the PC to Phone function, the low in price moreover the sound effect is very good, belongs to VOIP. SkypeIn (Phone To PC) uses the transfer technology, changes to on user's Skype the dial specific number's telephone, your friend likely makes the common phone call to be the same, the telephone will directly change to in your Skype account number. Moreover, when uses SkypeOut dials telephones, while opposite party answers telephone's to demonstrate your Skype account number applies the SkypeIn number, good facilitates opposite party to answer or not with returns dials the telephone.


Web2.0 remote Skype pbx management use system

SkyGW system uses the Web 2.0 technologies, will possess Skype the application resources, the unified conformity to on the enterprise interior network's Web contact surface and the telephone switchboard, lets company's network management (MIS) the personnel, may penetrate Web examination company's Skype Gateway the staff information, the establishment company public contact telephone directory, the management company's all telephone conversation record and the telephone traffic expense. Staff individual may penetrate Web to examine that the personal information, the telephone conversation record, establish staff individual telephone directory ......And so on.

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    Main Features

n   Employees out of office can call back office via Skype to reduce high mobile fee or international roaming fee

n   Most suitable for free company intranet or B2C/ B2B communication and 800 service call

n   Make Skype calls through office extension phones, no need of microphones, speakers and Skype for every employee’s PC

n   One PCI-E card supports four independent Skype calls and up to 12 Skype lines are supported at one PC  

n   Three kinds of call out control methods

n   One unique corporate Skype account/SkypeIn number for call in  

n   Support Speed Dial(up to 20 digits) or SkypeOut calls

n   Support Speed dial for Skype or SkypeOut call with extension number

n   Support DID(Direct Inward Dial): After DID function is integrated with Skype Button or SkypeIn service, Skype or SkypeIn incoming calls can be

     forwarded directly to assigned office extensions for customer support without accessing company PBX IVR  

n   DOD(Direct Outward Dial): With the DOD feature, employees can pick up one assigned trunk line to reach foreign factory or remote office

n   Support Skype call in for Skype/SkypeOut call out

n   Support Skype program fair usage policy

n   “Skype speed up button” to accelerate Skype login and Skype/SkypeOut call connection

n   System default doesn’t allow Skype file transfer and set not to be Skype’s super node

n   Cheese Button: Need to find your colleague? Dial colleague’s speed dial first. If the Skype voice quality is bad or the call is no answered, then

    press “#” + one number key(Cheese Button) before hanging up to dial colleague’s alternative connections. Easy to reach contacts

n   Support international busy tone

n   Ease of use and user friendly interface and web management

n   Support CDR (Call Detail Record) for view and back up

n   Support public and private phonebook

n   Support phonebook and user information back up and import

n   Allow admin/every user to export personal Skype contacts into the public/private phonebook via web interface (IE, Internet Explorer)

n   System utilization and occupied line statistics for each port

n   Management messages like HW/SW error, SkypeSkypeOut credit status and call connection status via Skype message or Skype SMS

     Default speed dial number “999999” for free Skype testing account Echo123 to test whether SkyGE-400S is functional properly or not

n   Default speed dial number “999998” to record company welcome IVR

n   Auto-allow Skype contact authorize inquiry

n   Allow all system’s Skype accounts to send out contact authorize request for Skype contacts in public and private phonebook to increase

    successful Skype dialing rate

n   Prevent denial of service attack

n   Support SkypeOut call limit time frame and Black/White list

n   Support popular PBXs

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     Connect construction    




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       Minimum System Requirements

     One Computer running at 3.2 GH z or better, 1024 MB RAM  with a CD -ROM  drive PC running Windows XP

     100 MB free disk space on your hardware    

     One free USB 1.1 / 2.0 port

     More than 128 Kbps dedicated internet connection (WiFi, ADSL, Cable Modem, ...., etc) is recommended

     PBX with 4 FXO ports 

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        Product Specification

    One Computer running at 3.2 GHz or quicker, 1024 MB RAM with a USB port and a CD-ROM drive

     One USB port (Type B receptacle connector) to connect to PC USB port

     Dip switch for devices cascading up to 16 FXS ports

     One reset button to reset SkyGW4 hardware and firmware

     4 FXS ports for connecting to PBX’s CO ports

     Skype V. 2.5 or V 3 .1 and  V 3.6 above compatible

     LED:Power on/off, per FXS port connection & status          

    Power: DC 5V power adapter with maximum 3Amp current rating

     Dimension:22 ( L ) X 12 ( W ) X 4 ( H ) cm

    Support popular PBXs


USB 1.1

 Audio Frequency

100 Hz ~ 15K Hz

 The minimum request of computer system

●  Windows XP (SP2) operation system                                                                          ●  Exceed 3.2 GHz  CPU                                                                                                      ●  Exceed 1GB main memory capacity                                                                            ●  200 MB hard-disk space

 Stack Switch

 Stack Switch X 1


 Resert X 1


 Phone( FXS ) X 1

 Service Tone Country Support  

BelgiumBrazilCanadaChinaFranceGermanyHong KongIndiaIranianIsraelItalyJapenNetherlandNorwayRUSSIASingaporeSouth KoreaSpainSwedenSwitzerlandTaiwanUnited KingdomUnited States (Additional countries supported via firmware upgrade)

 Certifications and compliance

CECE EMC and LVD                                                                                                          FCCFCC Part 15 Class B

 PBXs Supported

 Works with most PBXs.

 Power Requirement

 DC 5V/3Amp ± 5% (Bus-Powered)

 Current Consumption

 500mA (Max )

 Power Consumption

 15W (Max)


Operating   0 ~ 55                                                                                                  Storage   -20 ~ 70


Operating < 90%                                                                                                       Storage < 95%                                                                                                                       * non-condensing

 Skype API


 Support OS

Windows 7、8、8.1、Win10


 220 ( L ) X 120 ( W ) X 40 ( H ) mm


 980 g


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      MIS WEB Control Table

                        User Login



                             User List


Phonebook: Add, delete, or modify private phonebook. View public phonebook.

Call Log: View personal call log.                                    Profile: Modify user’s information.

My Skype: Get user’s contact list from Skype for easy private phonebook editing.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions.                                  Logout: User logs out.

All: Check All box to select all users.                                      Show 10/20/50 Page: Show 10, 20, or 50 users in one page.

User Type: There are two kinds of users Normal User and Administrator.


                            Public Contact


Add ContactAdd new public contacts                                    Del ContactDelete public contacts

Speed-Dial(#0)Contact’s Skype speed-dial number                SkypeOut1(#1)User’s phone number 1 via SkypeOut.

SkypeOut2(#2)User’s phone number 2 via SkypeOut.               

PSTN1(#3)User’s phone number 3 via PSTN. ( SkyGW-400 don’t support )

PSTN2(#4)User’s phone number 4 via PSTN. ( SkyGW-400 don’t support )

GroupThere are 6 groups including Colleague, Customer, Family, Friend, Schoolmate and Others. With appropriate group setting,

             user can find specific contact through Group searching.


                           Call Log


Retrieve: Get call logs in a period                                    Direction: Incoming call or outgoing call.

Type: Skype, SkypeOut.




Export Data to an Excel FileOnly supports Excel format. Administrator can use this function to export data to an excel  file for easier modification and then use Import Data from an Excel File function to upload to SkyGW4 for use. Check the boxes of All Users’ Information, Public Contacts, or Private Contacts which administrator needs and then click Export button to export data to a file.

Import Data from an Excel FileOnly supports Excel format. Administrator can use this function to upload edited user information and contact phone book to SkyGW4. Clicking Browse button to choose a file, then click Import button to import the file.

Backup Call logSelect start and end date, then click Backup button to back up the call logs.




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            User WEB Control Table

               User Login



               Private Contact


Public ContactUser can view public contact list.

Private ContactUser can add, delete or edit his/her own contact list in the private phonebook.

Add ContactAdd new private contacts.                                    Del ContactDelete private contacts.

Speed-Dial(#0)Contact’s Skype speed-dial number                  SkypeOut1(#1)User’s phone number 1 via SkypeOut.  

SkypeOut2(#2)User’s phone number 2 via SkypeOut.

PSTN1(#3)User’s phone number 3 via PSTN.  ( SkyGW-400 don’t support )

PSTN2(#4)User’s phone number 4 via PSTN.  ( SkyGW-400 don’t support )

GroupThere are six groups including Colleague, Customer, Family,  Friend, Schoolmate and Others.


               Public Contact



               Call Log              


Retrieve: Get call logs in a period.                                  Direction: Incoming or Outgoing call.

Type: Skype, SkypeOut.





                           Skype Friends List


Click My Skype at the top panel. Click Connect Skype and then Transfer to Phone Book tabs to get Skype contacts from Skype and import the contacts to user’s private phonebook for editing.

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