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  Product introduction

    System Requirements

    Connect to telephone
    Connect to PBX




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SkyATA -101B
SkyATA-101B is a telephone adapter, you can sign in using a Skype account, the use of Skype software to call the interface.

With one line FXS port ( PHONE inside port: connect switch outside ports or general home phone ).

To be connected to the general computer. Network bandwidth: ( 30 80 ) Kbps × 1

                  An  Analog  Telephone  Adapter  for  Skype™

                                   Skype gateway to PBX

       Six Functions

Ultra analyzes the acoustic fidelity clear

The SkyATA-101B pronunciation telephone conversation effect all similar products is friends with, even has a better compatibility compared to the traditional telephone pronunciation which saw compared to you. With the technical expression, the traditional telephone you can hear is only situated between 300Hz to the 3000Hz frequency pronunciation. Skype may hear all frequencies the pronunciation, from lowest Shen to most incisive.


Secret telephony, telephone conversation encryption

SkyATA-101B before pronunciation transmission carries on the encryption, in receives time carries on the decipher, will not be intercepted in the midway. Uses the encryption calculating method and The US government uses for to protect the secret restricted data security the calculating method to be the same. Has used 256 element (bit) encryption, this encryption altogether has 1.1 x 1077 kind of possibility Key, may dynamic each call and the immediate news encryption. Skype uses 1536 and 2048 RSA produces the symmetrical AES key. User's public key (public keys) the time which registers in the user in the Skype server carries on the confirmation.


The whole world can use in common toll free number

SkyATA-101B has provided the global search table of contents, you may act according to the friend who the different inquiry condition inquires you to know, or did not know, and, may start the pronunciation telephone conversation immediately which carries on opens access, lets your communication not have the barrier, the efficiency is higher.


Penetrates the firewall

SkyATA-101B using Skype communication software's auxiliary, may with all firewalls, NAT and the router uses together, and does not need to carry on any disposition! Uses in you other similar products cannot connect normally, Skype usually may, for example the pronunciation telephone conversation and so on.


Dials the fixed telephone (SkypeOut、SkypeIn)

SkyATA-101B may use SkypeOut to realize the PC to Phone function, the low in price moreover the sound effect is very good, belongs to VOIP. SkypeIn (Phone To PC) uses the transfer technology, changes to on user's Skype the dial specific number's telephone, your friend likely makes the common phone call to be the same, the telephone will directly change to in your Skype account number. Moreover, when uses SkypeOut dials telephones, while opposite party answers telephone's to demonstrate your Skype account number applies the SkypeIn number, good facilitates opposite party to answer or not with returns dials the telephone.


Supports the Voice over IM

The SkyATA-101B utilization's message installment, manual cuts Voice over IM software's special-purpose telephone. Let MSN, YAHOO, QQ, Google talk ...... and so on Voice over IM software, may use the telephone to talk.

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       Main Features

       Connect Skype through your phone, no need of microphone and speaker.

      SLIC (subscriber line interface circuit) interface for analog phone connection.

       Support cordless phone sets include DECT, 2.4GHz, 900 MHz or others.

       Support IM messenger software , Can use cordless phone for talk.

       Skype Caller IDSupport Type 1 FSK Caller ID for Skype all。Our SkyATA-101B program can provide information about caller's 

                                      Skype account , caller's Skype speed dial number and the calling time.


        When phone rings, answer a Skype call by picking up handset same as a regular phone line.

       Make a Skype call through phone keypad directly or Skype user interface .

       Support Skype speed dial number and SkypeOut through phone keypad directly.

       Connect Skype and SkypeIn call into PBX or enterprise IVR feasibly.

       Make a SkypeOut call from PBX digital extension set directly.

       Audio16 bit PCM

       Auto-configure Skype audio device as SkyATA-101 after SkyATA-101B initializes completely.

       Create a Multi-Calls and switch call between held calls circularly by pressing phone keypad  “ “.

       Create a Conference call and join new calls into the Conference sequentially (Only four Skype user) by pressing phone keypad”.

       Support international busy tone generation to connect with PBX feasibly.

       Support 20, 25, 30 and 50Hz ring signal frequency.

       Support 2 REN standard loads.

       Support standard windows USB audio device with unique device ID.

       Support Type I FSK Caller ID for Skype calls with speed dial number for easy call back.

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    Minimum System Requirements 

       PC running windows XP, windows Vista, windows 7.

       One Computer running at 400 MHz or better, 128 MB RAM with a CD-ROM drive.

       50MB free disk space on your hardware.

       One free USB port.

       Internet connection (WiFi, ADSL, Cable Modem, 56kbps Modem, ...., etc)

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       USB 2.0 standard

       Skype (above)

       One RJ-11 (FXS) for Standard analog or cordless phone set (or  Standard PBX analog PSTN interface)

       USB power (No external power needed)

       Dimensions (L x W X H)84 X 38 X 19 mm                   


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                           FCC Part 15 Class B, CE EMC and LVD

          FCC Ref No:NEI-FCCE-1-0603005           CE Ref No:NEI-EMC-1-0603005

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    Connect to an analog telephone


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      Connect to a PBX


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