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      USB to Audio PCM Processor for VoIM / VoIP


   Block Diagram

     Main Features

      USB to Audio PCM Processor for VOIP

          USB Spec. V1.1 compatible with full speed 12Mbps

           Support USB Audio Device Class V1.0 with PCM serial bus interface

           Support GPIO pins for telephony system control

         Support volume & dual way audio recording control through wave in control panel interface

          EEPROM interface for PID, VID, serial #, manufacture & string descriptors

       Support alternative serial SMBus for indirect configuration control through microcontroller

      Compatible with Microsoft USB audio device driver & support USB HID Class command for device driver control

         Provide two PCM channels for either FXO or FXS

        Support PCM16 & 8-bit A/U law

        Single 12MHz input with on-chip PLL

        Support suspend and remote wake up (not supported by 48 LQFP)

        Support customer (CID) to protect customer software IP

        3.3V power supply with 5V tolerance I/O

        100PQFP, 64QFN and 48 LQFP available


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